Cole A.

I came to Ashley after a recommendation from my girl friend. I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression my whole life and smoked for the last 10 years. I simply laid down and relaxed. After a couple of minutes I was out of my body my mind far off. After reaching some deep suppressed memories sheContinue reading “Cole A.”

Christi P

After the birth of my baby I had questions about a heart condition that she was born with. Ashley came to visit us and we just sat and talked in within a few minutes of our conversation she was able to pin point the heart break and starting place of the “genetic” condition. Now weContinue reading “Christi P”

Jackie M

Since the passing of my best friend a few months ago I’ve had pain and tension in my neck and shoulders. As soon as Ashley was done with my energy session the tension was gone and I cried for the first time and felt such a release. I am so grateful for her and herContinue reading “Jackie M”

Ron M.

I love the pain oil that Ashley makes. It is the only thing that takes away my pain. My doctors prescribed me pain medicine and I hate the way that it feels and it barely touches the pain. After my spine surgery she came to the hospital to do an energy session on me asContinue reading “Ron M.”

Daniel R.

I’ve never been able to meditate or calm my mind and was suffering because of it. During our session I laid down and minutes later I was in the most restful space I’ve ever been in. While resting I could feel her energy flowing through me and it was incredible. After our session I feltContinue reading “Daniel R.”

Caitlyn M.

I felt like a weight was lifted off my chest and my pelvic area that I had been carrying around with me since I was young and suffered from a sexual abuse.. We didn’t talk about my past before this but she just knew so much. At our second appointment I wanted a spiritual guidanceContinue reading “Caitlyn M.”

Janina K

Ashley is great, after the treatment I felt so much better, she is great so caring and all the weight lifted off my shoulders feel refreshed thank you 😀 I highly recommend her .

Shayla T.

Let me start with how easy it is to talk to Ashley! During our first visit we sat for a very long time while I unloaded everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, about myself, my past, my future and present. She makes you feel so comfortable and listened to. After being diagnosed with my disease, IContinue reading “Shayla T.”

Cee Jay S.

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley what can I say, but beauty is the 1st thing I felt when we 1st met up to discuss our future appointment. I was so nervous timid and scared due to everything I had going but you help calm me down and assure me that everything is ok and will workout andContinue reading “Cee Jay S.”

Madison S.

I love Ashley’s style of coaching. She encourages actually change and is willing to work with you no matter what place you are at with your healing process. Unlike therapy healing will really take place around the things you want instead of simply talking. She will tell you what you need to hear but willContinue reading “Madison S.”