Welcome To Higher Love

Higher Love represents the universal love that flows through and is the source of all.

Higher Love is the natural way of the universe.

In our physical world Higher Love manifests as happiness, joy, peace, optimism. Higher love is infinite.

It is never ending. 

Higher Love is the grass, the trees, the bugs, the animals, the breeze, the water, the sun, the stars, the moon, and the universe that connects us all together.

Higher Love is looking at all you’ve been and all you’ve been through and finding the LOVE FOR YOURSELF after it all.

Higher Love is filling your life with all that makes you feel happiness and joy.

Higher Love is a way of life.

Higher Love is choice.

Higher Love is you.

Higher Love is me.

In this space I work with others so that they can increase the happiness, joy, and love in their life.

So many in our world are lost because they are disconnected from self therefore love.

The work that I do is that of love.

Giving and teaching unwavering love.

The types of services that I offer include Self Love Facilitating services, Parent Child Relationship Coach, Intuitive Nutrition services, Life Force Energy Healing, Spiritual Life Counseling, Community Whole Health Advocation, Corporate Wellness and Education, as well as Public Speaking and Education.